Sun, July 13th -- SCCA Autocross @ FedEx Field

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Sun, July 13th -- SCCA Autocross @ FedEx Field Empty Sun, July 13th -- SCCA Autocross @ FedEx Field

Post by Chris_5.0 on Fri Jun 27, 2014 8:49 pm

Hey guys,

A couple friends from UMD got me into this and itís actually a lot of fun. I know Iím not the best at it, especially with the butter-cutters still on but, itís fun to push your car to its limit and changes the scenery from a straight lineÖ

Here's a video of my first run:

Anyways, this is a feeler to see who would be interested in attending. Iíll be honestÖ I was a bit overwhelmed at first with the process but itís pretty simple. Itís $50 for 4 runs, which will take up either a morning or afternoon session. Two groups go in the morning, two in the afternoon. If youíre in group one, you race, then for the duration of group two you help out on the course picking up cones or whatever they need you to do. Racing group two, then help with group one, etc. Obviously, this is their way of keeping costs down to a minimum. Work hard, play hard!

I admitted I was a first-timer when I got there and they were very accommodating. So donít hesitate if youíve never done this before. All very nice people!

As for classes, I signed up for STU with my 2011 5.0. Street Touring is what you want if you have BASIC bold-ons - CAI, Exhaust, Tune. The limitations for Street Touring include stock throttle body, stock cats, and 285 tires or skinnier. †If you are more modified than that, then youíd fall into the Street Modified category. Anyways, here is a link to the guide. Street Modified classes are on pages 135 & 211. Street Touring are pages 79 & 193. If you have any questions, please let me know.

You will need a helmet just like youíre drag racing, but you are able to wear shorts & have a passenger while racing (they have to have a helmet as well). They have helmets available to those who donít own one as well.

Link to find out which class you fall in:
To see other cars there:

Lineup -
1. Cdude2010 (+1)
2. Great White (Maybe)

***Washington D.C. Region SCCA Autocross***

Date: Sunday, July 13, 2014
Time: Meet @ Mt. Airy Pizza Hut @ 6:05 AM.
Check-in is 7:25 for pre-registered vehicles
Where: Fed-Ex Field ó 1600 FedEx Way, Landover, MD 20785

- Go here to register and sign-up. Make sure you fill out ďGet Weekend MembershipĒ ó

Morning Session
7:25 Pre-registered driver check-in opens
7:30 Tech opens
Course opens via PA Announcement, when it has been completed & approved or 8:00, whichever is later.
8:15 Pre-registered driver check-in closes
8:20 Tech closes
8:30 Novice walk begins. Course closed for walking.
8:40 Mandatory Drivers meeting
8:50 First morning heat workers check-in
9:00 First Car Off (FCO) morning session
Afternoon Session
10:45 Pre-registered driver check-in opens
10:50 Tech opens
11:45 Pre-registered driver check-in closes
11:50 Tech closes

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