Mustang FAN from Belgium, Europe looking for help on MD Mustang license plates

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Mustang FAN from Belgium, Europe looking for help on MD Mustang license plates

Post by mustang4bruno on Sun Jul 13, 2014 1:35 am

Hello there,

Nice to meet with you guys!
My name is Bruno, I知 40 and I知 a proud MUSTANG owner and fan living in Belgium, Europe and also a license plates collector. I actually run a website dedicated to American license plates and among those, there is a Mustang Club license plates run.
Today, I am getting in touch with you because I would like to ask you for some help.

First, in order to update the main picture of the Mustang license plates page, I壇 like to find a very nice picture of a Mustang with a Maryland Mustang CLub license plate on it. I actually try to introduce each license plates run with a specific picture of a Ford Mustang that shows a similar license plate on the vehicle that the ones I知 collecting. So, I壇 like to ask if a member of your Group could try to make a very nice picture of his/her Stang showing an MCA license plate on it.

Second, as a plate collector, I致e been looking for YEARS for a Maryland Mustang Club car license plate. As you can see on my page, I have been able to gather ALL the different Stang license plates issued in the United States by the exception of Maryland. So, I would be grateful if you could spread the word inside the Group to check if someone would help me out with one of these? I知 sure the plate will be quite costly, surely well over $100.00 and maybe more but since I致e never been able to locate any of these within about 10 years of search, I wouldn稚 mind, whatever the price asked could be.

Well, all for now but I really hope to hear from you guys soon. Your help would be AWESOME since I知 quite desperate being able to find one of these one day in order to complete my collection.

Let me wish you guys a GREAT week-end and thank you a thousand times in advance! : )



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