A/C issues with the 2013 GT

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A/C issues with the 2013 GT

Post by d_word on Mon May 01, 2017 10:55 pm

First of, im glad the site is back up. Hope everyone is doing well. Hope to see some of yall soon.

Not sure if anyone her has had A/C issues but I figured I'd ask here. Maybe get some movement on the site

So my A/C is blowing warm air all of sudden. I dont have much experience with A/C equipment on cars so not sure what to look for or what is normal behavior of the components. Mileage is getting up there, at 84,xxx currently. Took a video of the A/C compressor in action, posted below
Was thinking about starting with recharging it, see how that goes. But from my searches this seems to be a know issue with my model year.

Any suggestions are welcome of where to start or look at/test, etc

Thanks in advance.


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